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Welcome to Landauer Group
Getting seafood for fifty years

Landauer are trusted suppliers, product innovators and critically – advisers. We know the global seafood market better than anyone. Speak to us and see.

About Landauer

Landauer has heritage – it’s an international trading group, formed in the city of London in 1878. Heritage means financial strength, longstanding relationships and a real depth of experience. But heritage can sometimes mean keeping a foot stuck in the past. It can mean a lack of innovation and merely passable customer service.

Not with us. While many companies can supply seafood, the difference Landauer provides is forward-looking expertise. Seafood is seasonal and sourced globally. It can be a dangerous, complex market. Our staff know this market better than anyone. Whether its China, India or Indonesia, we have an unmatched network of local agents and reliable suppliers so we can help you buy at the right time and deliver exactly what we promised.

And with our four offices in the UK, mainland Europe and America, we also know your local market. We partner with our customers to understand your selling environment, analysing your sales data and trends to increase portfolio profitability. Your success really is our success.

We are straight-talking, honest, and reliable. A one stop, full range solution for all seafood requirements.

Let us partner with you. We will make a difference.